Bluemix is a cloud based PaaS offering from IBM. It is based on Cloud Foundry and run on a SoftLayer Infrastructure. Supports several language runtimes like Java, NodeJS, Go, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Bluemix offers a long list of Services in their catalog that you can choose from, to name a few it has Watson Services, Mobile Service, DevOps, Data and Analysis services and also services for Internet of Things.

If you are a starter like me, best place to start is by using a Boilerplate. Bluemix has Boilerplates that are pre-configured set of services thoughtfully picked and packaged for easy setup


One of the Boilerplate is “Internet of Things Foundation Starter”. This provides a NodeJS runtime and a Cloudant NoSQL database out of the box.


The best thing about using this Boilerplate is, it provides access to the Node-RED editor, which is a visual tool for wiring of Internet of Things.


found the Node-RED editor very easy to understand and use. Service are available as drag and drop options. You can plugin and design your flows with ease and quickly.

IBM Bluemix with the power Node-RED provides an IFTTT (If This Then That) framework for Internet of Things. It makes setting up commutation between devices simple.

Various recipes are available at for adding maker boards like Raspberry Pi to Bluemix.

IBM Bluemix comes with 30 days trial Most of the features are covered as part of the trial. I would definitely recommend trying.

This just might be the missing link that takes Internet of Thing to Internet of Things.